My Favorite Place in All The World is Next to You - Upload Image - Personalized Music box , Gift For Couples, Husband Wife

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Personalized music box with custom name & picture inside, full customized music gift with melody.

Gift with melody, customized with a lovely keepsake and your picture on it - it's a kind of magic.

This is the nicest present you can give your loved ones.

Small size, it fits in a pocket and there's room to gift her some small jewelry pieces: a ring or necklace.

Product details:

  • Made of finished plywood, it has a special scent of genuine wood, deeply engraved with the most lovely words.

  • Music box dimensions are: Width 3.2 "Height 3"Depth 0.8"

  • Custom technology on the inside of the lid:Β printed

Main Features:- It has a built-in speaker to play your favorite song- There's a battery inside, so no need to plug it in every time.- mini USB port to charge it from time to time and to upload your songs from a computer or laptop- Rechargeable. So it will last for a while.

Each box is custom-made. Hope you'll see the waiting time is worth for it : )

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