Personalized Art Palette Studio Sign / Wall Hanging Decoration


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This artistic gift can be used as a wall hanging or as a sign. Send it to friends who like Van Gogh, or friends who like art, and can also be placed in a prominent place for decoration or logo. With this wall hanging, it will improve the owner's artistic atmosphere and aesthetics, and constantly feel the beauty from art in life .

An artist palette complete with realistic, three dimensional paint daubs that glisten and look like they're still wet! Add real paint brushes, dipped in paint.

No two pieces will ever be the same due the process used to create my paint daubs.


Product details:

  • Material:5mm high quality plywood with stable color, realistic graphics, high precision UV printing.
  • Size: 8.95x11.8inches / 11.75x15.5inches.
  • Color: Taking Van Gogh's "Starry Night" as the base of the palette, it is accompanied by rich and three-dimensional pigments. A black pen is inserted into the hole of the palette, and the overall color is vivid and vivid.


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