Custom Personalized Dad Canvas - Upload Photo -Father's Day Gift Idea From Son And Daughter - A Son's First Hero A Daughter's First Love

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It's amazing how a simple wooden frame and digital art can hold and cherish all of our emotions and memories. Every time you lay eyes on this beautiful wrapped canvas, you'll be reminded of the heartwarming motherly love. Given as a personalized gift or hung up on your own walls, it'll always be a treasure trove of something so dear to your heart.

Product Information

A great gift for you or your loved one to decorate the living space. A variety of options are available for you to make a one-of-a-kind personalized canvas your way.

Key Features

  • Satin finish

  • Poly/ Cotton blend


  • 9.8x7.8 inches / 11.8x7.8 inches / 15.8x11.8 inches / 17.8x13.8 inches


  • 320 GSM weight


  • Images are printed on the front side

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